The Art of the CMA -5 Pack

The Art of the CMA -5 Pack

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Delivering massive value and unleashing your inner Picasso

From the Foreword...

"The answer is not delivering a great CMA. The answer is organizing our entire thought process for the presentation around defining value for our clients. That’s the Art.

That’s what installs the feeling of safety in them. That’s when they hire us. That’s when they will refer us, unconditionally. For life.
This book is your guide to creating that feeling of immense safety for your clients.

May the time you invest in this book make you a more sophisticated and caring real estate professional. May it also unleash your inner Picasso.

You are going to love The Art of the CMA by my friend Greg Robertson.

All the best,"

-Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO at Kingston Lane & Mentor to Entrepreneurs