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Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a CMA

Does your CMA do that?  How are top agents and brokers using CMAs to generate business, and win listings?  What do they include in their CMA reports that others don't?  

Chapter 6: The Kitchen Table Battlefield

Be prepared.  How to break your listing presentation in to 3 distinct, yet equally important parts to increase your chances of winning every listing appointment.

Chapter 8: Using CMAs for Prospecting

You've got a lead! Modern real estate software enables you to quickly create  landing pages for special purposes, like individual neighborhoods. Landing pages are easily linked to Facebook or other social media platforms to drive traffic to your own website, where you can engage new prospects and expand your sphere.

Chapters 4 & 9: How to leverage Zestimates and iBuyers

Don't get mad, get even!  Today's modern agents and brokerages must compete offline and online.  Learn how top agents are leveraging Zillow's Zestimates and iBuyer offers to help them generate new business and create a listing presentation experience like no other.

"What's Your Home Worth?"

That simple question is the single most effective call-to-action in real estate history. Every real estate transaction depends on accurate property valuations, but that's just scratching the surface.  Learn how to use CMAs as your ultimate marketing platform.

"Outstanding — 27 years worth of wisdom presented with smarts and good humor. This book is a gift to any real estate professional that wants to think bigger."

Brian Boero, CEO, 1000watt

“Greg has distilled nearly three decades of experience into a blueprint for you to make yourself a better real estate artist. It’s all laid out in a step-by-step format. It’s not just delivering a great CMA. It’s organizing Your entire thought process around defining massive value for our clients.”

Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO of Kingston Lane

“All agents are not created equal. Those who constantly strive to understand and master their markets know the power of the modern CMA platform. It’s become the key directional in better presentations, prospecting, and customer loyalty.”

David Charron, President, MRIS Investors

“Greg Robertson and Dan Woolley’s dedication and creativity have enabled them to expand the boundaries of the CMA beyond a presentation tool to a prospecting tool – and a customer-for-life tool. This is a book of tips, checklists, and frameworks designed to help agents win. Learn the Art of the CMA today!”

Victor Lund, Founding Partner WAV Group, RE Technology, CEO

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About the Authors

Greg Robertson

Greg Robertson has been in real estate for over 28 years. He is the co-founder of W+R Studios , which acquired by Lone Wolf Technologies in December 2020. He now serves as their Head of Enterprise Sales. Greg is on the "Power 200", a list of the most influential people in real estate.  He has served as a director on the Council of MLS (CMLS), an organization dedicated to improving the Multiple Listing Service industry.  He publishes the popular real estate technology blog, Vendor Alley.  He also hosts two podcasts, Listing Bits and Industry Relations.

Greg lives in Huntington Beach, California with his wife Jennifer, their three kids, and dog Molly.

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Charles Warnock

Growth Marketer, Content Strategist, Author, and Tech Journalist based in the San Francisco Bay area. Charles is the Director at Content Marketing Factory, a marketing agency specializing in media and marketing assets for enterprise tech and SaaS companies. He has 15 years of experience in real estate and mortgage marketing and communications. In addition to The Art of the CMA, he is the co-author of Future Ready: A Changemaker's Guide to the Exponential Revolution.

He lives in Livermore, California, with his wife Annette and daughter Sophia.