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"The best time to start a real estate blog was 20 years ago.
The second-best time is today."  - Ancient Wisdom


The problem with most real estate books — and real estate blogs — is that they’re no fun. Sure, our industry is rapidly changing due to the forces of digitization, consolidation and soaring consumer expectations.

New business models seem to emerge each day, robots are showing homes. Tech and social media giants are moving in for a piece of the $27 trillion US residential real estate market. 

That means being a real estate pro isn’t getting any simpler or easier. But that doesn’t mean real estate pros can’t grow and thrive in the career they love, and achieve all the financial success and freedom that comes with it — while having some fun along the way. 

The Art of the CMA Blog by Greg Robertson and Charles Warnock is a companion to The Art of the CMA book. It’s your playbook for how to grow and thrive in today’s market and into an uncertain future. 

Like the book, this blog is for real estate professionals who are interested in real estate marketing and tech, as well as tips, hacks and strategies to create long-term success. We'll share news, events and tech trends related to the dynamic world of residential real estate.

The Art of the CMA Book by Greg Robertson and Charles Warnock

Win Hearts, Minds, and Loyalty by Mastering Real Estate’s Most Versatile Tool

What’s the current market value of your home? 

That simple question has probably the single most effective call-to-action in real estate history. Every real estate transaction depends on accurate property valuations, and CMAs are the foundational tool for agents to create and present them. 

Do we really need a book about the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)? Only if you want massive success in today’s dynamic real estate market. This playbook goes beyond presentations to show you why CMAs are the best tool you have to differentiate yourself, power up prospecting, build relationships, deliver value — and grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.

Real estate is rapidly evolving, but buyers and sellers will always choose to do business with agents they know, like and trust. The Art of the CMA is your field guide to building relationships and raving fans. 

Buyers and sellers choose real estate agents they know, like and trust

Do you have the tools and playbook you need to succeed?

From their humble beginnings as one-page presentation tools, modern CMAs can help you win listings, generate high-quality leads, power your blog and social channels, and stay connected with your sphere. The Art of CMA s packed with tips, checklists, scripts and strategies that can help you move your business to the next level. Here are some of the top takeaways:      

  • CMAs aren’t just for breakfast (p. 15) 
  • Turn technology to your advantage (p. 19)
  • Become a master of remote listing presentations (p. 33) 
  • Flip the script with Zestimate judo (p. 64)
  • Tell real estate data stories that persuade (p. 66)
  • Set realistic seller expectations (p. 69)
  • Real estate blogging hacks for business results (p. 93)
  • Generate leads on your coffee break (p. 98) 
  • Painless prospecting with CMAs (p. 103)
  • Build your agent sphere on autopilot (p. 115) 
  • Tap social media for to quality real estate leads (p. 118) 
  • Generate Buyer leads with CMAs (p. 118)
  • Create blog content by power walking (p. 94)
  • Work profitably with iBuyers (p. 122) 
  • Help sellers instantly choose their best option (p. 128)
  • Unlock listing table superpowers (p.75) 
  • Three simple steps for CMA success (p. 78)
  • How to win 96% of real estate listing presentations (p. 82)

 This book packs nearly three decades of real estate experience from founder and industry provocateur Greg Robertson and some of real estate’s most successful coaches and mentors into a single playbook for real estate success in 2020 and beyond. 





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